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Unicorn Fleece Lined Hat

Ideal for any cold weather activity, this handmade hat is made with Spandex Lycra for wicking sweat and is completely lined with recycled sweat wicking microfleece. Keep your noggin' warm & cozy - this hat is the perfect addition to your cold weather wardrobe, keeping your head warm and comfortable when you need it most! 

  • Handmade by Her Tribe Athletics in NH
  • Sweat wicking microfleece is milled in NH & made up of 87% recycled materials 
  • Will NOT ride up during outdoor exercises like running (or running errands) 

Pom Poms are also handmade and include a snap so that they are easily taken off so they do not have to be washed with the rest of the hat! 

care: wash in cold water & hang dry


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