About Her Tribe

Her Tribe Athletics began with a vision to provide affordable, comfortable workout clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Clothing that supports, doesn’t move around and fits the way you need it to!

Her Tribe Athletics supports women who are runners, cyclists, yogis, gym rats, walkers, aerialists, spin enthusiasts, and any woman who is or wants to be active. We support women who are just starting their fitness journey, women who have been working out for a little while, and women who have been active ever since they can remember. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and strong in her athletic apparel.

We are here for that woman.

We are Her Tribe.

Meet Meg

Meet Meg

Meg is a passionate runner and yogi. She found her love of exercise through her weight loss journey of 70 pounds and has been hitting the pavement ever since. Running and exercise have shown her that she has a body that can do amazing things - including have two children! Meg majored in textile design & art education at MassArt, and is full time elementary art teacher. She loves incorporating her passion for exercise with her art background - personally designing everything that comes through Her Tribe Athletics. She is excited to build a tribe of amazing, strong, women here who want to have fun while working out in affordable and comfortable athletic clothes. 

 *all of our items are limited edition, snag it when you see it - check back often! I am always adding fun new stuff in the shop!

Meg also blogs gluten free, vegan recipes at Veggie Staples