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Her Tribe Athletics Ambassadors

Name: Carryl
From: Hollis, NH
Fave piece of HTA gear: Fleece-lined winter hats (but the Shine On sweatshirt is a close second!)
Fave book: In fiction, Like Water for Chocolate is an old fave, along with most anything from Jodi Picoult. In non-fiction, I LOVE autobiographies and self-improvement/inspirational books (even more if they’re on Audible) like Shoe Dog; Richard Branson’s memoirs; The 5 Second Rule; Promise Me, Dad; Option B; Let Your Mind Run, Limitless…so many!
Fave way to sweat: Crushing Peloton rides and workouts, and running (when not injured - oof!)…and any athletic pursuits during which I can raise money for Dana-Farber!

From: Sheffield, MA (The Berkshires!)

Favorite piece of HTA gear: oh man I just can’t pick one! I absolutely love my HTA leggings, nothing beats the high waist and the deep pockets! I have them fleeced lined for the cold winter months too! I love my HTA shorts, muscle tanks, and fleece-lined zip-ups too. Because I’m in New England and I love the snow HTA hats have been game-changers for winter running and snowboarding! 

Favorite Book: I need to find a new favorite, but I love anything by Kristin Hannah or Elin Hilderbrand.  

From: NH


Favorite Book:Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk 

Favorite Way To Sweat: Long distance trail & mountain run

Where I'm From: NH Native, born and raised

Favorite piece of HTA gear: Winter - fleece leggings, All other season - the shorts!

Favorite Book:Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Favorite way to sweat: Running with friends!

From: Milford NH 

Favorite Piece of HTA gear: such a difficult question because the patterns, colors and quality of everything is so fantastic….I guess I’d say right now, my new “the climb” hoodie 

Favorite Book:of all time - Charlotte’s Web

Favorite Way to Sweat: running, running’s my favorite But seriously I used to loathe running, now I need it to help keep me balanced. I will say January 2022 I’m headed to Disney to run the marathon with my sister, her first, my third and likely I’ll announce my marathon retirement after that. But I know I’ll need to keep running for the pure sanity it brings to me. 

From: New Jersey

Favorite piece of HTA gear: how do I pick!?!? Sports bras, shorts, hoodies, hats!!! All of it!!!!

Favorite book:Any of the Harry Potter series

Favorite way to sweat: Running

From Akron, OH!

Favorite piece of HTA gear: It's so hard to pick my favorite piece of HTA gear, but I'm a huge fan of the mantra tanks and shorts! They're my running uniform in the summer!

Favorite Way to Sweat: My favorite ways to sweat are running and yoga

Favorite Book:Rising Strong by Brene Brown

From: Akron, OH

Favorite HTA item: Mantra Tanks

Favorite Book: If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Tworkowski

Favorite Way to Sweat: Running!

From: Southern NH

Your favorite piece of HTA gear: Hot pink fleece leggings and my reflective winter hat for winter, Shine On hoodie for everyday, Montana Sky shorts for summer

Your favorite book:The World According to Garp by John Irving

Favorite way to sweat: Running and yoga

From:Northwood, NH

Your favorite piece of HTA gear:I literally can't choose. I wear my "Run the Mile You're in" hat on ALL of my runs until it gets too cold. Victory shorts are the best shorts for any and all distances. The Mantra tanks have gotten me through many a long run- mentally and physically. And then I bought the bras...

Favorite book: The Stormlight Archive Series, The Stand, and anything that makes me cry. Or laugh. 

Favorite Way to Sweat: Running, especially with the stroller, strength training, and yoga! 

From:Hollis, NH

Favorite Way to Sweat: Running, hands down. I turn into an evil monster if too many days pass without running. Long distances are my favorite! I also love hiking.

Favorite Piece of HTA Gear: Oof, this is a tough one! I'm super lucky and get to test out products before they're released, so my current favorite item is the most incredible vest I've ever worn, but it's not available yet! I absolutely adore all of the bottoms, and the Watch Me Work It shirts get me through the winter!

Favorite Book: Really, I have to pick just one?? I have always loved reading. I'd say my all-time favorite book is "To Kill a Mocking Bird", but my more recent favorites are "The Great Alone" and "The Book of Lost Names"

From: Manchester NH

Favorite HTA item: hands down absolute fav is my Hats, as in I get excited the moment it is cold enough to wear them! But close 2nd is the sports bras. Like live in them love! But also the bottoms as a larger woman it can be difficult to find leggings that fit and are not see through, yet HTA hits both and with comfort!

Favorite book: Unoffendable: Brant Hanson

Favorite way to sweat: Walking, running, hiking, lifting.... and the Beach

From: New Hartford, NY

Fav HTA Gear: Victory Shorts in Camo & every single tank I own from HTA

Book: Roar by Stacy Sims

Fav way to sweat: Run Long, Hike


From: Manchester, NH.

Favorite piece of HTA gear: I'm obsessed with the black "Classy Lady" leggings. I wear them for working out AND just to go to work :)

Favorite book: I love the idea of books but I'm not much of a reader in my adult life. I DO love the "Hunger Games" trilogy! 

Favorite way to sweat: I got into hiking during the pandemic. I love getting lost in the woods and the views from any mountain top never disappoint. 


From: From NH most of my life, but moved to California to escape the snow and cold in August

Favorite piece of HTA gear:  Right now my favorite HTA item is my hoodie, so comfy and I wear it a few days a week (at least!) In the summer, I love my shorts - perfect length and POCKETS!

Favorite book: Honestly I don't have a favorite book, I love to read fiction and it can range from historical fiction to quick beach type romances (I'll give just about anything a shot!)

Favorite way to sweat:  RUNNING!

From: Texas 

Favorite way to sweat - running

Favorite piece of gear - capris and shorts

Favorite Book - Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

From: Bedford NH. 

Favorite HTA Item: Its hard to pick just one favorite item from HTA as I love everything I have ordered. But if I had to pick one thing it would be the leggings. I literally live in them! The pockets are perfect to hold anything I need while exercising or while running around with my sixteen-month-old. 

Favorite Book: I think picking a favorite book is just as hard as picking my favorite HTA gear. If I could read it for the first time again, I would pick Agatha Christie’sAnd Then There Were None. If I were to pick my favorite book that I read this year it would beThe Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner.Favorite Way to Sweat: Running and yoga.

From: New Hampshire

Favorite way to sweat: Running and lifting weights

Favorite HTA gear: Watch Me Work It Shirt

Favorite book: Girl, Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis

From: Akron, Ohio

Favorite way to sweat: running, yoga, chasing tiny humans

Favorite piece of HTA gear: I never thought I’d run in just a sports bra and shorts- but I feel SO confident in the HTA shorts and criss-cross bra! 

Favorite book:The Ten Thousand Doors of January

From: Maine

Favorite Piece of HTA Gear: I love the shorts they never ride up are super comfy and I wear them literally everyday to the gym! My second favorite are the fleece lined leggings I wear them for all my outdoor winter runs which in Maine can go from late October to late May depending on the year!! 

Favorite Book: The Harry Potter Series is one of my all time favorites! 

From: Derry, NH 

Favorite gear: Shorts!! They are amazing! Those pockets!! They hold my ginormous phone perfectly.

Favorite Book: Disclaimer.. it's been years since I have read a book. I read to my children EVERY-NIGHT. That said, On The Night You Were Born is my favorite book to read to my girls. 

From: Concord NH

Favorite HTA Gear: long sleeve hoodie tees and capris, and allll of the things!!! 

Favorite book: The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

Favorite Way to Sweat: Favorite way to sweat: Running! But like…. Rather enjoying this new rowing machine….

From: Deerfield, NH

Favorite HTA gear:  ALL.THE.TANK.TOPS… All of them! 

Favorite book: I wish I made more time to read, I am more of a podcast person. Real Life Ghost Stories has been an easy one for me to listen to. (No judgment, the hosts have amazing accents).

Favorite way to sweat: I wish I could say running or at the gym but I love working in my barn. I have horses, goats, and ducks that help me find my inner peace while busting my butt doing barn chores. There is a saying that “you can solve all of life’s problems by cleaning a stall.” It feels true. 


Favorite HTA items: are the winter hats in the cold months and their bottoms all the time. 

Favorite way to sweat: running and strength training

Favorite Book: My favorite book of all time is the Harry Potter series. Every time I read it, it’s like reading it for the first time. I also love reading books on personal growth. 

From: Manchester, NH 

Favorite HTA gear: The HTA t-shirts have always been my go-to.  I love the colors, the material, the positive messages.  I'm being wooed by the leggings and the sweatshirts though.  They're really wonderful--they fit well and are so comfortable.

Favorite Way to Sweat: HIIT and running.  I do love sports and being active.  And I'm slightly competitive.

Favorite book:  I immediately think of books from my youth, books that impacted me, stuck with me.  The Babysitter's Club series.  Flowers in the Attic. My Darling, My Hamburger, Anne of Green Gables.

From:  Live in Hollis, NH with my Hubby & 3 kiddos!  

Profession: Get to be a Nurse with an incredible work family

Favorite HTA gear:  It all started with a Pickle Headband!  Have since LOVED all my pieces - Sloth Hat!  Summit Hoodies!  Honestly, I have never been a wearer of these kinds of items until HTA!

Favorite book:  Any I get the time to read! Historical Fiction

Favorite way to sweat:  At my dojo!  Karate has become a big part of my life over the past 7 years!  It’s my therapy - for mind, body & spirit!  Also love hiking and tolerate running!