The Making of HerStory Podcast

The Making of Her Story Podcast amplifies the voices of women through the power of story telling, sharing pivotal moments that impact the course of our lives.


Hosted by Crystal Farley, Crystal is a combat vet and woman from technology, working in leadership capacity for Apple, HPE, IBM, she serves organizations with her company C Far Beyond the Box: providing effective communication and stress-relief strategies, supporting women in the workplace initiatives, and personal growth programs to improve workplace culture.

Crystal does not believe people or organizations should be defined by their life stressors, past and present, and hopes to offer advocacy, empowerment, and confidence in order to reach maximum potential. She is the voice of change, a cheerleader for the underdog, and speaker about all things that are the elephant in the room. Her unique life experiences have been gifts as they have given her the ability to connect with a vast audience.