She Built This Podcast

She Built This with Emily Aborn


Emily Aborn was inspired by the NPR podcast How I Built This, which tells the story of large companies and brands and their struggles that came before greatness. Emily had a vision to put on an event that highlighted the stories of female entrepreneurs in New Hampshire. She wanted to celebrate the wins were taking place right in our backyard each and every day which made them highly relatable and inspiring. The first She Built This event was born and with it an entire community and network of women entrepreneurs who wanted to work together, connect with one another, and give each other the resources they have discovered along the way. 

As the message and mission of She Built This has grown, Emily now uses her podcast, a highly engaged Facebook group with over 700 members (and growing daily), challenges, working one-on-one with members and their marketing, and various events to share not only the stories of successful women, but also the tools, resources, and inspiration needed to build whatever this means for each and every one of them.